Acqualina Hidden Treasures



Treasure #1: La Cornue Range In Every Residence

Treasure #2: Infinity Pool

Treasure #3: FlowRider Surf Simulator

Treasure #4: Rolls-Royce House Car

Treasure #5: Private Sauna In Every Residence

Treasure #6: Speakeasy Disco

Treasure #7: Boxing Ring

Treasure #8: Pool In the Sky

Treasure #9: Formula 1 Simulator

Treasure #10: Ice Skating Rink

From our residents

“There is a sort of a sense of Acqualina Loyalty that people have acquired due to the fact that they would rather be nowhere else but Acqualina.” — Victoria Krasnov (Resident since 2015)

“I actually rented in the William’s Island project, which was my first contact with the Trump Group, and then I moved over to the Acqualina and rented in the Acqualina for 9 years. And then three years ago, when I heard about The Mansions being constructed, I decided to purchase an apartment.” — Ian Greenberg (Resident since 2006)

“I noticed when we had that major downturn in 2007 in Miami the original Acqualina building held up its value better than anything else down here at the time, and that I found very impressive and I ended up buying a unit there and I’m very happy with it.” — Warren Estis (Resident since 2010)

“The quality of the construction, the quality of the staff, the service, the amenities, are untouchable with any other complex i’ve seen anywhere, not just in Florida.” — Steve Matzkin and Sarah Schroeder-Matzkin (Residents since 2015)